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Some of the reviews are in on the new cd  a hypocrite of heart and hope.  Here are two:

"Sophisticated, intimate, folk pop...Masterful is indeed an adjective that applies here.” -

"If you are a fan of classic country music, then Rob Lytle is your man..Country/Americana-Folk with pop and 70's California rock influences, often compared to Jackson Browne, Don Maclean and Steve Goodman but with much more twang than those mentioned above.” - Mr. Blue Boogie,

Don't you want some of that? :)

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About Rob Lytle

Allan Cackatt of Maverick Music Magazine called Rob’s previous CD--You.Must.Stop.-- “ The musical equivalent of a previously undiscovered Gainsborough” and raved that it was “one of those all-too-rare albums where every track is a standout.” Fred Schmale of the Real Roots Café wrote that “Rob's voice is strongly reminiscent of Jonathan Edwards and so is the music...Beautiful songs, beautiful melodies, somewhere between folk, country and pop."

These reactions, and many more like them, represent the re-launch of a promising performing career that was put on hold for nearly 14 years. Says Rob “ A performer that I respected told me one night that ‘you can't go anywhere with one foot in the boat and one on the dock." I decided that he was right – and that I needed to get out of the “boat” and focus on my family.” “I never had any regrets about that…but there came a point recently where I knew it was time to sing again”

The last 4 years has seen the results of that musical rebirth with an appearance as a finalist in the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festivals “New Folk” competition, juried showcase appearances at the Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest Folk Alliance Conferences, the release of his CD You. Must. Stop., and a busy national touring schedule.