Rob Lytle

I Know That Town

I don’t slow down
when i’m driving by that town
pedal to the metal
my foot straight to the floor
I still drive by
exit 29
like I did before
I just don’t stop there anymore

A Song For Not Emily

Her hair it was so black and long
That is my story now
partly cause the details
Just don’t matter anyhow
Let's say she was a redhead
or that she had tattoos
the point is, she was evil
that’s what  I’m telling you
Oh, and, I will play these songs
the way I always do
with words that fit the lines
and every word is true
she put me down with everyone
but I won’t do the same
I Blame Emily - 
but that’s not her real name.

I do

I’ve been thinking bout you
and the way you used to love me
back when you loved me
and in that moment
I am with you in my mind
and all the future 
that we said we left behind
of you and I together
of you and I forever
just like we said

Sorry That I Missed You

I‘m sorry that I missed you
but not sorry that I miss you
I wrote out the note
and I taped it on the door
Then I got back in my car
and I drove 300 hundred miles
far from the temptation 
to keep asking you for more


Before I met her, I never went bowling
bowling just wasn’t my scene
I shot some pool and played pinball
but bowling never did much for me
We met one day folding blue jeans
at the small laundromat downtown
she told me how she spent her weekends
and she said that I should come around
and how I loved bowling
even those rented shoes
all the nights we spent bowling
when our love was brand new
we were laughing and bowling
it was my perfect game
Oh, and once I went bowling
I was never the same

The Movie Star

Cause he’s smaller than he is when he is on the screen
when some else’s words can hide the truth
behind the part he plays
you’ve seen his ugly face 
Oh and he is just not good enough for you
That movie stars not good enough for you 

Friend of a Friend (revised)

Hey friend of a friend
I don't like what you just said
but there must be something to redeem you
must be something I'm not gettin'
are you a husband and father?
are you really good and kind?
or are you just that stupid all the time?

Where The Money Goes

I learned that he lived in a mansion by the sea
The painting it shows that he even looked like me
i was quire surprised by geaneology
I'm descended from a rich man.

With Mary by the Ocean

I never walked with mary by the ocean
Never held her hand
Never kissed her in the sand
Beneath the pier
Or heard June Christie sing
Willow weep for me
So sweet and clear
Mary's bright blue eyes are somewhere back in time
I am by her side
But she is on the Jersey shore

Get A Headset Grandma

Get a headset Grandma
Get a headset Grandma
don’t hold the phone to your head that way
swerving like a drunk 
from lane to lane
it’s just a matter of time, someday,
you're gonna kill someone

Tearing Up This Town


I am tearing up this town
I’ll stuff the pieces in my jeans
i won’t throw them out the window
cause I’m no fan of littering
When I reach the city limits
here’s what I am counting on
all the places that remind me
of your loving will be gone

Every Single Day

She’s showing off the dress I bought her
twirling like the girl that i first met
smiling like the woman she is now
how much better than this could it get?

Listen to your parents

Listen to your mother
Listen to your father
Listen to your parents
Because they love you
Because they love you
Listen to your mother
Listen to your father
Listen to your parents
Because they love you

Stumble and Fall

It's the way of the poet
stumble and fall
The way of the dreamer
stumble and fall
It may feel like your failing
but there’s no failure at all
We're in good company
when we stumble and fall
Rob Lytle, 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

My Advice to you

Don't leave your phone in the sun
Roll up the windows when it looks like rain
When you find the perfect fit  You should buy at least two
This is my advice to you
Fill up the gas before it gets to E
Find a little shade when you can
Keep  $20 tucked away in your shoe
This is my advice to you



Evaline and I were married by a justice of the peace

we had no need for pomp and circumstance

I held her hand, and she held mine; stared in each others eyes

and formalized  our 14 year romance



Clone leave me alone
go out and live your own life
go on and have your own children
stay the hell away from my wife
you know how much I love you
each time I look in the mirror
but your just too much of a good thing
stay away from here

Candy I Can't Have


She's quite the little dancer

She's quite the little tease
She puts her sweet temptation
on display for all to see
She loves to lean against me
To see how I'll react
She holds her love out to me
But she always pulls it back

Things I can't take on the airplane


I give to you these treasured things
Not a necklace or diamond ring
For that would be too much too soon
I fear that I would frighten you

Instead, I will award to thee
In hopes you will remember me
This evidence of my esteem
Things I can't take on the airplane

First World Problems


Baby's in Botswana ain't got nothing to eat
Mamma's in Mumbai ain't got shoes on their feet
soldiers in Somalia are fighting in the streets
it's not as if I'm not aware

gunners in Guiana are gunning people down
lovers in the Congo are spreading death around
turning on the news is enough to make you frown
it's not as if I just don't care

But I've got first world problems (yes I do)
man you know my lite is tough
my boss he doesn't get me
my freinds they just upset me
my lover doesn't love me quite enough

What can you do for a girl like April?


What can you do for a girl like April?
Pick her up each time she calls
hold her cause she’s still your baby
after all.

Just don’t ask too many question
push the details from your mind
offer all the hope and comfort
that you can find.

And damn that telephone
every time it rings
she goes back to the life
forsaking everything
She’s treasured and she’s loved,
but it’s just not enough.

I Can't Get Your Scent from My Pillows


I can't get your scent from my pillows

I can't get you out of my head

The sweet acrid  smell of Chanel seems to dwell

And brings you to mind once again

New Song Draft: Little Loser


oh, how I loved that little loser

what's that say?  What's that say?

oh, how I loved that little loser

what's that say?  What's that say…

about me?

Friend of a friend


Hey friend of a friend

I don't like what you just said

but there must be something 

to redeem you

must be something

I'm not getting


are you..

a husband and father?

are you really good and kind?

or are you just an asshole all the time?

New Song Draft: My Life goes on



September shoes
they go to school
they need new clothes
and coats to use
cause when it's cold
they look to me
to keep them warm
and how wish
that it was true
that I could share 
this all with you
My love is real
My love is gone
My life life goes on.


New Song: The Both Of Us


Baltimore is blue - and busted

I fell through the arms I trusted

she tried, but I, 

weighed way too much

blame me for - the both of us


Anger would be good,I guess

rage instead of emptiness

a game too pointless to discuss

blame me for - the both of us


love hangs together

Love falls apart

Love never truly dies

thats the saddest part

and i will be sorry 

til the day I die

til the day I die


I'd hold her harmless - if I held her now

and try again - to fix it all somehow

even though, I know - I could not give her enough

Blame me for - the both of us


Baltimore is blue - and busted

disappointed and disgusted

by my failure to adjust

Blame me for - the both of us.

Blame me for the both of us.

Just outside the door


Philosophies, like fireflies,

burn bright and die unseen

while people suffer change

beneath the glare on city streets

and old gray men with rotted fruit

and bagels in their hands

go running down the allyway

Song Draft: Great Big Blue


I've got a great big blue

That I can't put down

I should be happy, but I'm not right now

took on the problems of the world somehow

and it's a great big blue

New Song: A Crime Of Passion



They think I shot you dead
because of my hatred
they're sure I'm guilty of 
a crime of passion
A raw and wounded soul
that lost all self control
and killed his baby in
a crime of passion

If she's in love with me



She's a ledger out of balance

She's a pending transaction
She's an " it's not quite official"
Cause she hasn't clearly said
That these feelings that I'm feeling
Are all they seem to be
It could all fall through to nothing
If she's not in love with me

Where do songs come from?


The stork brings them. Obviously :)

Seriously, it is the most asked question that I get about songwriting.  

Mostly people assume that songs are a direct expression of some personal experience, and that is sometimes true, but it is generally not the case for me.

Many of my songs come from conversations.  Which means they come from you. If you have ever been talking to a songwriter (or writer of any kind) and seen their eyes glaze over and them lose track of the conversation, then you have experienced this...

New Song: Come South


Come south and be my lover
come down to dixie land
it's hard to think about you 
with that cold and distant man

New Song: Baby Was I Wrong?

New song this morning.  Kind of a "blue eyed soul" thing. Think Daryl Hall :)

I thought I found in you     

someone to hold on to
with alll my strength and not let go

New Song - Our Duet



Someone else is singing our duet

two strangers we have never met

they know the words, but they don't know/ just what they mean

Ginny Could You Love A Man?



Ginny could you love a man?

Ginny do you think you can?

If your not really gay, but just kinda go both ways

Ginny could you love a man?

The April Fool



oh, it was a prank, a lark, a spoof

a bad joke to endure

and I think that I May be fine by June

but I can't say for sure

New Song - That Woman Did Me Right


Turn on any juke box

you will hear somebody say

that their heart is crushed and mangled

and a woman is to blame

I guess that it is easy

to tryand pin the crime

on the one that's always there

when the tears are in your eyes

I could play that game and say the woman did me wrong

but that'd be wrong

cause that woman did me right


New Website Goes Live


Over the last year, I have had a significant list of stuff that I wanted to get done - and one of them was to migrate from having my URL point to reverbnation to having a standalone website.

SWRFA 2011


At the end of this month, I will be headed to Austin Texas to attend, and showcase at the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference (  I am honored to have been selected as a showcase artist along with a great line-up that includes many of my friends.  

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