A songwriters notebook

I do

I’ve been thinking bout you
and the way you used to love me
back when you loved me
and in that moment
I am with you in my mind
and all the future 
that we said we left behind
of you and I together
of you and I forever
just like we said


Take a moment we both know
put it in a frame 
then let it go
There are some gifts
you can’t return 
and so must keep
You in my thoughts
and in my heart eternally
You and I together
You and forever
just like we said


Take my lifetime if you will
Take it 'cause its yours
It always was
And I wonder
if you ever feel it too
this sad and happy 
never ending deja vu
of You and I together
of You and I forever
just like we said


And I do, I do, I do
I do.

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