Rob Lytle


a hypocrite of heart and hope (2015)

  • Come South, The Way We Used to Love, Mother, Can You Hear Me?,Trouble, Pretending That You Love Me, My Masterpiece,Oh Dying, Daddy Let Me Help You, Little Loser, Drunk Girl

You. Must. Stop. (2011)

  • Why They Play The Games, Daddy Knows What Boys Want, Caitlyn, Finish Line, Love You as You Break My Heart, Sleeping Bag, Watch Over My Heart, Like You Do, Invincible, Catalog, You. Must. Stop, Now You Don't

Rob Lytle (1995)

  • A Cry For The Working Man, She Was Married, Men Of Good Intentions, That's My Head That's Talking, Mst Upon These Eyes


Come South

Come south and be my lover.

Come down to dixieland.

It’s hard to think about you

With that cold and distant man

He doesn’t really love you

He just doesn’t like to lose


Come south and be my lover,

Because i’m still in love with you

It’s cold there in chicago

When the wind blows off the lake

So i am sending you my warm regards

And love for both our sakes

Cause life too short and way too hard

Too cry the way we do

Come south and be my lover

Cause i'm still in love with you.


And i know, the wind and snow

Can leave you weary, can leave you weary.

So clear your mind

And leave it all behind

I need you near me.

Won’t you some south and be my lover? Come down to dixie land.

It’s hard to think about you

With that cold and distant man.

Because he does not really love you.

He can't love you like i do

Come south and be my lover

Cause i'm still in love with you



The Way We Used To Love 

Make it up as you go along.

Write new words to your favorite song

Sing them out as you sing along

to the radio, to the radio.


Kiss me now like you did back then

With love as strong as its ever been.

Rest your head on my arm again.

Daring let me know, c’mon let me know

Cause I been scared, you’ve been worried

Don’t you think it’s time?

To make a change

Back to the way we used to love?


Won’t you please put that bright dress on

I will wear something fancy too

Man that dress looks good on you

Sure looks good on you


I will smile and pretend to dance

Take a chance I would never take

Lose myself in your eyes tonight

Just like lovers do, like true lovers do

Cause I been scared, you’ve been worried

Don’t you think it’s time?

To make a change

Back to the way we used to love?


Repeat Chorus

Repeat first verse except

“write new words to our favorites songs”

And “We will sing them out”


Repeat chorus


Mother Can You Hear Me?

I drove all day to see you

To hold your hand and touch your face

Now all that I can do is say goodbye

I hope that you can hear me

And these words that I must say

Cause all that I can do is say goodbye.



Mother can you hear your baby boy?

I am here.

Mother, can you hear me, I am here.


I came across a photo

Of us when we were young

I was laughing as you held me in your arms

And I thought about my children

And how I love them so

And, oh, how very short are lifetimes are.


Repeat chorus


And I will spend this nighttime

In the twilight where you are

And cry my tears of memory in the dark.


From the farthest corners

Of the world tomorrow comes

To gather in this place and say good bye

And write the final story

Of all the things we’ve left undone

And all that I can do is say goodbye


Repeat Chorus


Pretending That You Love Me

I was not just born the night you met me

Darling, I have been around before

You were not the only one pretending

But I can’t keep pretending any more



Pretending that you love me

when we both know it isn’t true.

Pretending that you love me

the way that I love you.


You could have made it easy to believe you.

Instead you made it hard to close my eyes.

I gave you every chance to love and be true.

You paid me back with unconvincing lies.


Repeat Chorus


Now, it’s a complicated situation.

Most of the blame should rightly fall on me.

Cause I knew from the start that I was blinded

by wanting, oh so badly, to believe.


Repeat Chorus Out


This CD is dedicated to those who have been

kind to me  and have given me their musical



Special thanks to my family – especially Elizabeth

Stuart Lytle.  Look Sarah, Nicholas, and Alexander,

your names are on this CD too!




I saw trouble coming.

I should have told her, she should stay away.

But I love trouble. Yes I love trouble.

You know I do.


She wore that dress I dream of.

You know the one I mean.

And that spelled trouble.

That spelled Trouble for me.



She always seems to know

right where to find me.

Though I’ve tried

to leave her love behind me.

Trouble knows, I’ll let her in.


Trouble is no stranger.

She knows me as a man.

And when I need trouble,

she understands.


Repeat Chorus


Repeat first Verse


Drunk Girl

I want to find a drunk girl I can talk to.

She doesn’t need to be a beauty queen.

Just someone with a pulse and sense of humor

who’s fool enough to hang around with me.


I have sorrow, and my tomorrow

is not worth talking ‘bout

or thinking bout at all.

I’m feeling lonely, and seeking only,

someone who can distract me

while I fall.


So I want to find a drunk girl I can talk to.

Just to see if I can make her smile.

I have not evil plans or intentions.

Just need someone to laugh with for awhile.


I have mistakes and all my heartache

I have no need to wallow in them now

They’ll be there for me tomorrow morning

Tonight, I must forget then all somehow


I want to find a drunk girl I can talk to

One that makes me feel like I’m still young

And we’ll both know it’s only conversation

And she’ll go home without me when were done


Some mindless chatter

That doesn’t matter

To spend a couple hours worry free

What would the harm be?

And can you blame me?

For wanting just to have some company


So, I want to find a drunk girl I can talk to

She doesn’t need to be a beauty queen

Just someone with a real fine sense of humor

Who’s fool enough to hang around with me

Who’s drunk enough to hang around with me.


Oh Dying


Oh dying, will your spirit rise

high above our struggles here

to find a place in heavens host

or will you merely disappear?


I was raised within the faith.

Brought up to believe and pray,

But that all seems so long ago

- like just a childhood game


Oh dying, can you see a light?

Bright, yet warm and comforting?

For I can not bear to think of you

imagining you’ll be gone


Oh, I must leave your bedside now

as all your family gathers round.

To lay their kisses on your head,.

Their tears upon your face.


And in these last hours of the day

I’m rediscovering how to pray.

A hypocrite of heart and hope

trying to believe for both our sakes.


Oh dying, can you see a light?

Bright, yet warm and comforting?

For I can not bear to think of you

imagining you’ll be gone.

I cannot bear to think of you

imagining you’ll be gone.



Little Loser

I liked her better when she needed me.

I was her salvation.

I gave her strength when she was weak.

And like a puppy, she was always there.

Always happy just to see me

and be with me anywhere.

I guess that’s how I thought

it would always would be.



Oh, how I loved that little loser.

What’s that say?  What’s that say?

Oh, how I loved that little loser.

What’s that say?  What’s that say…

about me?


I always thought I was the noble one.

Protecting her from trouble

and the tears that often come.

I tried to share 

all of my lessons learned.

I pointed out her failures

At each and every turn.

And told myself I was

just doing it for her.

Repeat chorus

And when she got so angry

I could not understand.

Where was her gratitude?

What did I do?

And now that love is gone

beyond repair

I will take what i deserve.

But never say I didn’t care.

And what an irony for all to see.

The largest of life’s lessons 

was the one she taught to me.

And she seems happy now 

that she’s found a better man.

Repeat Chorus

Oh. how I loved that little loser.

What’s that say?, What’s that say?

And it was easy just to use her.

But people change, people change.

And now I find I am the loser.

And it’s strange, yes it’s strange.

Yes, I find that I’m the loser

And it’s not all, it’s not all …

About me

It’s not all about me.



Daddy Let Me Help You

Let go, let go

Let it all go now

Let someone else

Carry on and carry things from here


I know, I know

It’s not in your nature

I know so well

And in your fading strength

I see your fear



Daddy let me help you, daddy won’t you please

Let the one you gave so much to

lend the strength that you now need

There’s no weakness in relying

On the bond your love has made

You were always there to help me to be brave

Daddy won’t you let me do the same



Reach out, reach out

Reach out your hand now

Put your hand in mine

Let me be the rock you were for me


Look in my eyes

See your reflection

See everything

I have ever hoped that I could be


Repeat chorus (2x)



My Masterpiece

I wrote a song about you.

But I can’t sing it now.

There are children in the crowd

it would not be appropriate.

I stared at your picture

and wrote my feelings down.

The words came tumbling out

in ways that weren’t appropriate.

Language can be so descriptive.

You inspired me.

To write my masterpiece

I use the word with f

And the one that starts with b

’m sure that you can see

Why it is inappropriate

But you would be surprised

At how I make them rhyme

Each and every line

Completely Inappropriate

I guess I should be grateful

For the help you gave to me

To write my masterpiece

Da Vinci had his Mona Lisa

and her pretty smile.

I’ll bet he stared for hours at her face.

And l have you, my dear.,

You made it all so clear.

I never dreamed I had so much to say.


I wrote a song about you,

Disgusting and profane.

I even used your name

and gave your cell phone number.

But I hope you understand

It was only for arts sake

And like I heard you say

I hope we can be friends

For it was nothing personal

You just inspired me

To write my masterpiece

Your lack of human virtue

Gave me every thing I need

To write my masterpiece

To write my masterpiece




Why They Play They Games

He was never meant to be a player. He was told When He was very small,
He might someday walk like other children, but he would never run at all.
He was never meant to break for second on a 2-1 count with one man down
and, when doctors said he might not make it,they were not discussing sports at all.

That's why they play the games because you never know
until the final out you just might be surprised
that's why they play the games cause talent makes it shine
but heart can win sometimes. That's why they play the games.


He grew up in the awkward silence. With the doubt in everybody's eyes.
And with each exceeded expectation, he was told he should be satisfied
For the race is often to the swiftest and the contest often to the strong.
But if your not careful, you might miss it. Now and then, exceptions come along.

(Repeat Chorus)

Now the sun is shining on a diamond and the crown is rising to their feet.
Cause they know they are seeing something special. Even though this is only little league
For it's far to easy to be jaded, to be cynical, to let the darkness in.
But with my own eyes this day I've seen it. Sometimes winners simply find a way to win (Repeat Chorus)


Daddy Knows What Boys Want

When she falls in love, there are certain things
a girl won't think of
I have been around a few more years than you
that's how I know, so
Don't let Bobby touch your breasts.  
Don't let Bobby stick his hands up your dress.
Daddy knows what boys want
Daddy knows what boys do
Daddy knows what boys want
Daddy was a boy once too
I walked in on you and Bobby in a kiss
Don't try telling me how innocent it is
I know what I'm looking at. 
That kid Bobby is a sex maniac
Repeat Chorus
All I need is just a little more time, forty years and I will be just fine.
Your a woman in a grown up world, but still your daddy's little girl.
You tell me that he's the only one for you
The only boy to make your teenage dreams come true
but just do me a favor please...
either change that skirt - or join a nunnery
Repeat Chorus

Love You As You Break My Heart

Every loser has a reason
Every lover has a lie that they believe in
Don't say a word as you are leaving
Let me love you as you break my heart

I was born to be the martyr
You treat me badly and I love you even harder
but you'd be cruel to take this any farther
let me love you as you break my heart

I guess I took it all for granted
It just seemed so meant to be
This perfect love that I'd been handed
Seemed like a gift meant just for me




Catilyn I wanted to spend my whole life with you

Grow old enfolded in your arms
But in the end, I never found a way
to open up my heart and stay - but Caitlyn I wanted to.


Carolina is so rainy
I can barely see the road in front of me
how could a writer ask for more?
what a perfect metaphor
for where I seem to be
and if I choose to look behind
I know that I will find
no one else is on this road
not another soul to see
and that's mostly fine with me
still it's hard to just let go


Repeat chorus

I've played the game of who loved more
that falls beside the road
so trivial and small
from this distance, from this view
darling there was only you
no one else came close at all




Finish Line

Looks Like I'm back in the race again
I got bored up on the shelf
Last time I did it for the world to see
This time, I'll do it for myself

How can you run as your meant to run
when your worried all the time?
I'm not done, so I'm gonna run
Straight through the finish line

I gotta keep moving
keep the wheels spinning round
keep on moving
moving on till they lay me down
I gotta keep moving
that's the only way I know
keep on moving
point me out toward the open road

Pump me up, Jack me up, push me along
get me out on the track
I'm a little rusty from the years gone by
but I'm Still a maniac

To old, to fat, too slow, you know
maybe I should lay down and die
but I'm not done, so I'm gonna run
straight through the finish line

Repeat Chorus

Now, I've see you sitting by the side of the road
watching life pass you by
dreaming of the glory of your younger days
with the sadness in your eyes

but life is short and dead is done
and no one gets more time
so take your place in the human race
straight through the finish line

Repeat Chorus (2x)

There's the open road
There's the open road
There's the open road
There's the open road

 Sleeping Bag

I want to lie beside in your sleeping bag
I can't wait to get you in the sack
wrap one leg around your thigh
kiss your neck and close my eyes
trace a trail of touch all down your back

The moonlight and the firelight are co-mingling
embracing in the dark as lovers do
and my imagination has me tingling
thinking bout my lips exploring you

In your sleeping bag
In your sleeping bag baby
In your sleeping bag
In your sleeping bag baby

I want to take you places you have never been
I'm anticipating skin to skin
something about the wild outdoors
makes me wild for some of yours
open up you tent flap - and let me in

Repeat Chorus

Repeat First Verse

Repeat Chorus (fade)


You. Must. Stop

There really is no method to measure or explain
there are no simple answers to make things right again
if I were only stronger, I could be your friend, but..

You must stop
making me cry
I just thought
maybe in time
my heart would stop stopping when you call
but I'm not getting over you at all
so, you must stop.
I have all the puzzle pieces
but they just don't fit
every time I hear your voice
I make a mess of it
I just can't seem to concentrate
that's just the way it is, so
Repeat chorus (2x)

The way the wind is blowing has carried me a while
and lately I'm discovering I'm re-learning how to smile
but healing and remembering are to hard to reconcile, so

(Repeat Chorus Out)

Watch Over My Heart 


Who's going to watch over my heart if I don't?
Who's going to stop me, before I let this go to far?
Open up that door and let you in again
Let this whole damn thing restart
Who's going to watch over my heart?


Who's going to be the grown up one
that draws the line?
Who will write down how it hurt
when you left last time?
Cause when you touch me it's too easy to forget
Who will remind me how you are?
Who's going to watch over my heart?


Cause we both know it won't be you looking out for me
making sure that I'm O.K. once you're done with me


It's 3am and I'm inclined to let you in
Oh, but baby not this time, no not again
I need someone to help me take good care of me
Someone to love me from the start
Someone to watch over my heart.


Please don't send that catalog around

that sexy l



Like You Do

She doesn't love me anymore - like you do
She doesn't touch me anymore - like you do
but that wouldn't make it right
making l love to you tonight

She doesn't listen when I talk- like you do
Seem to finish off my thoughts- like you do
but that wouldn't make it right
making love to you tonight

All the world is lonely , I am lonely too
It'd be easy just to spend this night with you
Make excuses and just fall into the arms that reach for me


Repeat bridge

Repeat first verse