Rob Lytle

a hypocrite of heart and hope (2014)

Primarily acoustic tracks/ballads to check out:

  • Oh, Dying ( Rumination on the death of a friend and what happens after death)
  • Daddy Let Me Help You (Dealing with the failing health and strength of a parent)
  • Mother (The death of a parent)
  • Come South (The Band/James Taylor style ballad w/ steel guitar).


  • The Way We Used To Love (A "roll down the windows" tune about rekindling a relationship)
  • Pretending That You Love Me (A Ray Charles style pop tune)
  • My Masterpiece (Sarcastic and Clever Humor)


  • Trouble ( A Johnny Cash style mover)
  • Drunk Girl (Barroom honky tonk with a touch of tongue in cheek pathos)

Pop-ish with a message: 

  • Little Loser (Character piece about a dysfunctional relationship, disempowering a woman, and a man developing self awareness)